Heardle, known as the music variant of Wordle, is a great way for fans of music to gauge their knowledge of songs. Players need to guess the correct song title in six tries. This game is designed to challenge participants' knowledge of songs, as it features a vast collection from various artists. The diversity in the game's music selection demands a substantial understanding of music, as players encounter songs from any genre or artist without constraints.

You should have a good understanding of music if you want to win the Heardle game. You are given only a portion of the hidden tune to solve the puzzle. You will be given another short for every guess.

Features of the Headle Game

Heardle game has two outstanding features: the Skip feature and the music listening experience. Join us to explore two special features of this Heardle game.

Heardle's skip feature

Heardle's skip feature adds a unique twist to the game, utilizing one of your six attempts in a way unlike any other game. When you make a guess in Heardle, the song is revealed to you in segments, played second by second. This incremental approach provides a clearer understanding of the music you're trying to identify, with the duration of each audio hint growing by one second for each turn you take.

Features Of The Headle Game

Heardle's music listening

One of the delightful things about this game is that, whether you succeed or not, you still get to enjoy the soundtrack. This allows you to appreciate the originality of the music featured in the game. Continuing to play the Heardle game and guess song names every day is not boring if you are a true fan of music. This is a great game that provides relaxation, ideal for spending quality time with loved ones and close friends. So, why don't you let go of stress and enjoy the present moment? 

Heardle stands out in terms of accessibility compared to Wordle. Wordle requires players input to retrieve additional information about guesses, while Heardle provides a more straightforward approach. The correct guess results in the full-length track playing, accompanied by details such as the number of attempts required and the ultimate sample length. 

How to play the Heardle game

Press the "Play" button to start playing. First, you will hear the song's introduction. The song rang out. If you guess the song name correctly, select it and click "Submit."

In case you haven't identified the song in the first few seconds of the melody, use the "Skip" button to continue listening for the next several seconds. After you click the "Submit" button, two cases will happen.

  • A tiny "x" symbol will show up next to the song's name if your response is incorrect.
  • Conversely, if you guess the correct song title, a green checkmark will appear. 

Heardle game will play the entire song for you after your sixth and final guess, whichever is correct.

How to play Heardle game

Tips and tricks

Pay close attention to the intro

Heardle's songs are played from the beginning to the end, so you should focus on the introduction. You can infer the song's genre, the instrument it is performed on, or something else based on that melody.

Play with others

Playing together in the Heardle game will enable any puzzle to be finished more quickly or effectively. Your partner's musical expertise could make you two or even three times as strong in the game. Thus, don't pass up the opportunity to invite your pals to play with you.

Take advantage of the Skip button

It's crucial to understand that you will unlock a new section of the song each time you guess incorrectly or ignore a track. If at all feasible, skip forward to hear a larger portion of the music and possibly even some of the lyrics. As a result, it will be easier for you to find the answer.

Improve your music knowledge by listening more

Your knowledge of music will grow as you listen to more music. As a result, you have a better chance of discovering secret tracks in Heardle. In addition, music is a fantastic approach to help you relax after a hard-working day. 

Play Heardle everyday

The benefits of regular practice for the Heardle game cannot be denied. Regular listening can help you identify the distinctive melodies of various musical genres and the distinctive vocals of the performers. Also, your odds of winning the game rise.

Is Heardle game free?

Yes. You may play the Heardle game on our website for free. Play this game and listen to music whenever and wherever you want.

Is Heardle playing only once a day?

Heardle game only plays once a day and is released at midnight in the US. Players around the world guess the same song every day.

Are there different versions of Heardle?

Numerous Heardle variations exist, such as the original, games from my decade, genre-based games, artist-specific games…

Best Heardle variants

  • Rock Heardle: Rock Heardle is a variation of the game Heardle. Instead of focusing on all music genres, the game only focuses on rock music. Players need to listen to the introduction and then find the correct rock song.
  • Heardle 90s: For fans of music from the 1980s, Heardle 90s is an extremely recommended Heardle version. Coming to this game, players must guess the correct song titles within one day.
  • Hip Hop Heardle: Hip Hop Heardle is a fun musical memory-boosting riddle. The Heardle Hip Hop game features songs by popular hip-hop and rap performers from different times.
  • Country Music Heardle: If you enjoy country music, you shouldn't miss Country Music Heardle, which features a ton of songs by well-known artists.  A popular song's video will be played every day on Country Music Heardle. 

How many song titles can you correctly guess? Play Heardle now to challenge yourself and relax. Heardle will be the starting point to ignite your passion for music. Let's transport ourselves into an endless world of music in the game Heardle. 


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